Data Workshops for AASCU and JFF

  • ASA’s Sue Clery conducted a series of workshops for AASCU’s Frontier Set institutions.  Campus teams used the Activities & Metrics Mapping model – a visual tool to support evidenced-based decision making throughout their student success work – followed by guides, models, and frameworks to set SMART Targets. Campus teams developed student success stories and set targets on key performance indicators of student success.
  • Sue Clery assisted the AASCU Student Success team in a target-setting workshop for colleges and universities in the midst of broad institutional transformation to improve student success. 
  •  At the AASCU Academic Affairs Winter Meeting, Sue Clery presented with team members from Northwest Missouri State University (NMSU) on an exploration of different types of inequities as related to education, and how to use data to identify where inequities may occur in policies, programs and strategies.
  • Sue also recently conducted a workshop for JFF’s Ohio Student Success Center titled “Measuring Progress & Using Data In a Time of COVID-19,” in which participants were also presented with the Activities & Metrics Mapping model as a tool to evidence where their student success work was disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis, related metrics, and how to continue their student success story.