Student Success Program

American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)

ASA is pleased to be AASCU’s strategic data partner  in support of AASCU’s dedication to promote student success through the use of evidenced-based strategies. Through data collections, reports, analytical briefs, workshops and webinars, ASA provides strategic insights to the AASCU student success team. As a result, AASCU has strengthened its student success program and increased members’ capacities to use data and evidence to support their institutional transformations.

Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting to Support Student Success Strategy

ASA supports AASCU and campus teams’ data needs with a customized student-level data collection and reporting system. The system results in a high-quality robust database supporting analysis and reporting of key performance and early momentum metrics. An interactive data tool is embedded in the system so that institutions and AASCU team members can create detailed reports on the fly reflecting student achievement and progress – reports can be disaggregated by a number of demographic and academic background measures to support and inform, for example, an equity inquiry. ASA provides key performance indicator and benchmark reports to AASCU and campus teams, and customized analyses paired with discussion guides based on campus-specific research questions.

Thought Partner

We provide research and insight to the AASCU team to support an understanding of their membership and to help direct strategy. We created the AASCU Story to support AASCU’s understanding of the characteristics and population of their members. AASCU publications cite findings and leaders quote from the AASCU Story during conferences and convenings. We also conducted an assessment of AASCU member institutions support needs during the institutional transformation journey, and prepare issue and data briefs on student success related topics. ASA teams with AASCU member institutions to present evidenced-based promising practices at conferences and convenings.

Data Coaching to Increase Institution Data Capacity

ASA’s data coaching services empower institutions to make evidence-based decisions as they implement their student success agenda. Examples of coaching engagements—workshops, webinars, or one-on-one collaborations with campus teams – include Cultivating a Culture of Evidence, Developing a Strategic Data Plan, Strategic Data Use, SMART Target Setting, Activities and Metrics Mapping

ASA Research is AASCU’s most valued partnership in our efforts to support and advance the effective use of data across our membership network. The ASA Team has been instrumental in the development of critical capacities needed to establish a practice of data informed decision making at both our organization and our member campuses.”

Robin Ellis, AASCU